How to advertise on Tik Tok

The Tik Tok micro-vlogging application has gained millions of followers in a short time. It has surprised the business world that fights to advertise on Tik Tok and has hooked millions of users.

The social networking platform is a fusion of Vine’s short video format, Snapchat’s interactive filters and At least so far, these features have helped attract hundreds of millions of active users making it the application of the moment.

After just one round of funding, Tik Tok’s holding company, Bytedance, raised $3 billion, making it the most valuable startup in the world. The Chinese startup’s short-format video service was the most downloaded iOS application in the first quarter of 2018, with more than 45 million global downloads in three months.

But what is Tik Tok really?

Today’s world of marketing depends a lot on Generation Z. They are creators, technology experts and fans of self-projection in social networks. Some companies today treat this generation as the main audience that shapes the sales of their business.

They are the main consumers in adopting new trends, especially in social networks. The blockbuster of social media applications is in the hands of Generation Z. And brands filter through the major social media platforms, where they can find these users.

In this sense, Tik Tok has become one of the best social media applications to impact this segment of users. Tik Tok is the mobile application that feeds users with short music videos to share or watch. Millions of users love it and it has become the center of entertainment today.

Tik Tok has features such as video recognition, image recognition, different filters, video recording and editing tools, 3D stickers, etc. In minutes, the creators of Tik Tok can launch 15-second videos with the help of all these features.

Tik Tok platform features

Tik Tok intends to serve the audience with fresh content that focuses primarily on creative users. Mobile video content helps to highlight users’ creativity.

The simultaneous use of mobile devices and the Internet is intended to entertain the audience with user-generated video content. This helps build the bridge between brands and users. Tik Tok has become the viral platform for sending short video content to users, providing many opportunities for brands.

To give you an idea, is just like Tik Tok. It’s like a kind of Instagram dedicated to short music videos. You enter the application and you have a feed that would be the home. This is where you go to watch popular videos or videos of people you follow.

What you can do at Tik Tok

The social network allows you to browse to see the latest news from users. As on Instagram, there is also a page to explore new content. Here, you can search for clips and users, or browse through hashtags that may interest you. When you click on a video you’ll see it in full screen. Next to it you have interaction icons. Follow the user, give like, comment or share the clip.

Like Instagram Tik Tok it has a feature to send messages to other users, with the intention of seeing who is following you, who you are following, the likes and the comments. Ultimately, you have a profile page, much like Instagram. Here you can see your main data and a feed with all your videos.

However, the big star and the main thing about the application is its video recording and editing tool. You can record your videos in shots, since the app only records while you hold the corresponding button. However, before you start recording, you’ll have to choose a song and some of the effects you can find, and you can switch between takes.

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