Gaston Torelli & Mariana Dragone - International L'Aquila Tango Marathon & Festival

Two famous tango figures, live and teach in Buenos Aires bring together temperament and sensitivity, making them globally recognized and appreciated both for their deep knowledge of tango and their love of teaching it. They attended some of the most renowned international festivals with other partners and will start their European tour by attending the tango festival in Tours.


Already when she was only 4 years old, Mariana knew she wanted to be a dancer. She studied classical dance in Rosario and then moved to Buenos Aires when she was 20 to launch her career as a professional dancer and tango teacher.


She danced on all the continents with various partners and continues to teach and participate in major festivals.


Mariana is also the owner of a very famous place in Buenos Aires, “La Maleva” international guesthouse that offers accommodation, tango classes and milongas. (It was part of a documentary on Argentina, which aired in September 2012 on the French TV show called “Faut pas rêver” on the France 3 TV channel).


As for Gaston, he participated in a number of “Madero Tango” and “Tanguera” shows, was the director of “Tango Brujo”, one of the most prestigious dance schools in Buenos Aires and organizes the very popular “Misterio Tango Festival”, THE festival reference in Buenos Aires.


When he met Moira Castellano, she introduced him to a world of new artistic possibilities: a mix between traditional tango techniques and a plethora of new movements used in contemporary dance.  In just a few years, he was at the top of his game and was approached by international festivals throughout the world.


Gaston is without a doubt one of the most exceptional dancers of his generation. He is charismatic, charming and incredibly talented. He also produces events and organizes new tango events like the latest Pelando Variacion in Buenos Aires (October 2015) or the Berlin New Year Marathon (2016).



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